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Policy & Procedures


All parents are encouraged to enquire about Blossom Nursery, to see how it is different from other nurseries, and to see to what extent it meets their requirements.

  • Children are accepted from 6 months to 4 years.
  • All placements are based on our Waiting List Policy complying with the Equal Opportunities Policy. .
  • The class of admittance will depend on the individual child’s physical and mental development based on the class structures.
  • The number of children in each class will be strictly controlled so as not to exceed the Nursery’s maximum number of children per class and the stated adult to child ratio will always be maintained
  • All forms in the application folder, including medical forms, must be completed and on file at the Nursery before any child may be admitted.
  • Vaccinations and immunizations must be up to date. No exceptions will be made.

An application package should be requested by the parent/guardian by contacting the Nursery

All forms in the application package should be completed and submitted to the Office Manger along with the following:

  • A copy of birth certificate.
  • 6 recent color passport photographs
  • A copy of the immunization card
  • Any court orders involving custody of children where applicable
  • A copy of Father’s , mother’s passport and Residence Visa if available
  • A copy of Child’s passport and Residence Visa if available
  • Relevant registration fee as stated on the Rate Card
In case of accidents or other emergencies, parents/guardians must give the names of three persons to be contacted and their contact number(s).
If these sources cannot be contacted the child will be taken to the hospital specified in the application form.

Note : The Nursery must be immediately informed of any changes of phone numbers.


If the Nursery will be dealing with a child’s legal guardian rather than his/her parent, then evidence of the guardianship must be presented to the General Manager or Office Manager at time of admission.

Fees & Payment

Fees should be paid in advance during first week of every month according to the agreement. Any late payments that exceed one week will then be fined QR 25 for each day of delay.
The registration fee( 1000 QR ) is non-refundable and to be paid only once per child when he/she first applies.
Blossom offers a 10% discount for the 2nd and 3rd siblings who are registered here at the Nursery.
Parents are requested to inform the nursery if they are planning to withdraw their child from the nursery two weeks in advance of doing so, failure to do so will mean the parent must pay a full month fees.


Please note that Blossom Nursery will be closed on the following days:
– Eid Al Fiter Government holidays as per Qatar law
– Eid Al Adha Government holidays as per Qatar law
– National Day December 18th
– Sport Day February.
The Nursery may accept to open for babysitting on the above days if prior arrangement is made and on a case by case basis depending on the demand and the availability of staff. This decision, however, will be at the General Manager’s discretion and should not be assumed.

Days and Hours of Operation

The Nursery’s days and hours of operation are:

6:30am–2:30pm, Sunday to Thursday

50 QAR per hour will be imposed after 2:30

please be punctual.

Daily Attendance

Blossom Nursery offers a daily attendance where parents can bring their child at the daily rate stated in the Rate Card. We will accept the child for the day if there is vacancy in the classroom. Parents are not allowed to bring their child without calling first. The daily rate has to be paid on the same day.
In case parents hold a seat for a day and didn’t inform us their child is absent at this day, Blossom will calculates a fee paid in advance. This fee is not refundable and will not be deducted from future fees upon the child’s arrival back to the Nursery.


Parents/guardians are required to call the Nursery’s Secretary to inform us of any reason their child is absent from the Nursery and approximate period of absence. If the nursery has not heard from the parents/guardians, the Secretary or the Session Supervisor will call parents/guardians to enquire about the child.
If the Nursery has still not heard from the parents/guardians after one week, we reserve the right to de-enroll the child and offer the place to someone else.
In case child will absent for long holiday and will come back the parents have to hold a seat by pay 700 QR this fees not calculated within the monthly fees and not refundable.

Receiving and Dismissing Children

Each child will be “signed in”, “signed out” in the attendance book by the Supervisor.

If another person will be picking up the child, you must make phone call to give us the name of the person and we will ask him for ID to confirm.

There will be a late pick up fee, as stated in the rate card, for each hour parents/guardians are late to collect their child.

Enquiring About the Children

Parents should feel free to call the Nursery on 44472266 / 44472288 at any time. If no one is able to answer the phone, parents may leave a message on 66603642 . A staff member will return their call as soon as possible.


Parents should dress their children with comfort, safety, and fun in mind. Clothes that are too loose or have draw strings that may get caught up/entangled while playing should be avoided.

It is important that each child has a set of spare clothing, including underwear and socks at the nursery with him/her at all times,ensure that these clothes are labeled with the child’s name.

Required Supplies for Children

Parents must supply the following items for each child:

    Spare clothingincluding underwear and socks.

  • Sufficient disposable diapers and wipes for children not yet completely toilet trained
  • Pull-ups or underwear (if applicable)
  • A small sheet, blanket and, if required, pillow that will be sent home on a weekly basis to be washed or whenever required
  • Wipes, tissues…etc.
  • Child’s small plate, spoon, cup and if applicable, feeding bottle
  • Sufficient baby food, milk/formula, snacks and lunch



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