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About Blossom

We respect and value the linguistic, cultural and religious diversity that exists in the wider community and preparing all children for life in a culturally diverse society. This booklet gives you information about the education and care your child will experience at the Blossom Nursery…
We are proud to provide a high quality creative and challenging education within a secure, caring and inclusive community to build the individual personality and the potential of each child, we provide learning within the frame work of the high standard curriculum. To develop the child socially, emotionally, intellectually and physically.in a comfortable, safe and happy environment for children where in learning takes place in a relaxed, provide high standard of health and medical care, friendly , fun-filled and multicultural environment learning through play.
Our nursery is a place where working together to inspire our children to excel in everything they do children, to become confident and independent learners Respectful and valued members of themselves, each other, their communities and environment. Feel safe and secure and have a sense of belonging.Have high aspirations, build on their previous best and excel in whatever they choose to do and be ready to face the challenges.
  • To provide opportunities which foster independence and confidence
  • To provide a happy and secure environment within which the child is enabled to develop at his/her own pace
  • To provide experience in socializing with other children
  • To foster natural curiosity and provide opportunities for the development of skills through direct experience and active learning
  • To develop language and communication skills
  • To listen with understanding
  • To enable children to develop physical skills
  • To help children to express their feelings and emotions and cope with a variety of situations
  • To develop a sense of self-respect and an awareness of and respect for the needs of others
  • To teach them to care for their environment
  • To develop powers of reasoning and ability to solve problems
  • To encourage and develop a moral and spiritual awareness
  • To challenge every child to strive for the highest standard of personal, social and intellectual development, and aim for excellence in all they do.

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